UA Miracle is the largest student-led philanthropic organization at the University of Alabama located in the Center for Service and Leadership. We work year round to advocate and raise funds for Children’s of Alabama located in Birmingham as part of the National Dance Marathon Network for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

In 2011, a small group of passionate University of Alabama students saw the potential on the UA campus to make a big impact in our community through the national Dance Marathon program and raised $14,952.18. Over 14 years later, UA Miracle has raised over $2.5 MILLION dollars and welcomed 95 Miracle Families to UA’s campus. UA Miracle is a part of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement present on over 400 campuses across the nation.  We are so excited to kick off another year of making miracles and hope you will join us!

What does UA Miracle do?

UA Miracle is entirely student-run, and is proud to have become a tradition on campus and in the community. These students spend a year learning invaluable leadership and social skills while raising funds in a variety of ways and interacting with children’s hospital patients and families. The year culminates with a 12 hour long event where the students stay on their feet through dancing, games and entertainment in order to celebrate the total amount raised that year.

How do I join UA Miracle?

University of Alabama students can participate in UA Miracle in multiple ways. Two immediate ways to become involved is by applying for our our Next Gen Leadership Program or by becoming a Miracle Maker:

  • Next Gen is our first year leadership program which aims to create the next generation of UA Miracle leaders. This is an exploratory program designed for students who are looking to learn more about UA Miracle as an organization while taking the first steps to become more involved. This program is intended to build the foundation for members to hold future leadership positions and be successful within this program in years to come.
  • Miracle Makers are the most important part of UA Miracle. To become a Miracle Maker, you simply have to register for Bamathon and start fundraising! Being a Miracle Maker means making a year-long commitment to support UA Miracle through fundraising, coming to our events like Spirit Nights throughout the year, and getting your friends involved in making a difference.

What are you waiting for? get involved today!


  • President: Hayden Phillips
  • VP of Advancement: Sydney  Clements
  • VP of Communications: Briana Jackson
  • VP of External Operations: Matt Perkins
  • VP of Finance and Fundraising: Ally Rodrigues
  • VP of Internal Operations: Sarah Chapman
  • VP of Miracles: Maddie Wieringa
  • VP of Programming: Sadie Clark
  • VP of Special Events: Anna Bobruff

Contact UA Miracle

If you are interested about getting more involved, upcoming events, and more exciting things coming, you can email us or click the link below to be taken to our Official Website.
 UA Miracle Official Website Website

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