Do you want to learn more about BamaPulse? Do you need help logging in? Are you ready to volunteer, but not sure where to start? The answers to these questions and more can be found below. Contact us for any additional support.

Account Management

Once you navigate to BamaPulse, click the Log In button found in the upper right hand corner of your screen. Click Single Sign On then find The University of Alabama in the drop down menu. Use your myBama credentials to log in.
To update your BamaPulse profile, navigate to your account information after you have logged in via Hi Your Name!>Account. You will be able to do things like upload a profile picture, use a preferred name, and add additional information on your profile.

Finding Volunteer Opportunities

The term Impact is used as an umbrella term to describe all potential forms of community engagement. An impact can be described as funds donated, funds raised, goods donated, hours trained, and, most often, volunteer hours served.

You can quickly access high-level summary metrics of your engagement on the BamaPulse platform. Notably, you can see these metrics on User Dashboard, My Impact Page, and your Profile, all accessible from the top right navigation. These metrics measure user’s activity on the BamaPulse platform as follows:

Impacts: These are your total Impacts, verified and unverified.

Hours: These are your total Hours, verified and unverified across different impact types including volunteering, training, meeting, etc.

Groups: These are the groups that you have engaged with either as a volunteer, participant, and or member.

On the top navigation bar, select Get Involved. This will lead you to a search page that is set-aside both events and groups.

Here, you can search for events (opportunities to engage), or click on “Groups” to search for organizations, clubs, and other groups. You can change your search radius and location, and can also filter by factors such as your availability (weekends only, weekdays only?), the type of event, the causes that the event is working toward, and the dates that the events take place. If you are searching for groups, you can filter by type, causes, and sustainable development goals.

If you are planning to attend a listed volunteer opportunity, you will need to register to let the organization know. Once you find an event you would like to attend, click on the name of the event. Once on the event page, you will click “Register.” Here, you will have to agree to a liability waiver and confirm your registration by clicking “Continue.”

To cancel your registration for an event, go to “My Activity” and then “My Registrations.” From there, locate the event that you need to cancel your registration for and find the drop down menu under “Actions” on the far right. From this menu, choose “Cancel Registration.”

This also allows you to cancel a single instance of a recurring event, as each recurrence is listed individually. You can also click “Update Registration” and return to the original registration page, where you can update which recurrences you are able to attend. From here, you can also cancel all recurrences by clicking “Cancel All.”

You can always add an impact by going to the top right of the page and clicking “Hi Name,” then “Add Impact” from the drop-down menu.

You will then be asked where you created an impact. You can search by name or location (if you search by name, make sure you update the location to reflect the location of the group you are looking for) or look through a list of your groups by clicking “My Groups.”

You will then be asked if you attended a listed event or opportunity. Depending on the group organizer’s specifications, this may be a required question, in which case you can only record hours with that group through a listed event, or it may be optional, in which case you can record any hours with this organization that you would like.

You will then fill out the required information and submit your impact. Impacts are verified by the community partners. You can also submit impacts through your event registration!

BamaPulse Groups

Groups can be many things. University programs and departments, sports teams, student organizations, and other campus initiatives are all groups. Explore groups and organizations to engage with by clicking on “Get Involved” on the top navigation bar. This will lead you to a search page for both events and groups.

Here, you can click on “Groups” to search for organizations, clubs, and other groups. (You can also search for volunteer opportunities by leaving it on “Events”.) You can change your search radius and location, and can also filter by type, causes, and sustainable development goals. If you are searching for events, you can also filter by availability (weekends only, weekdays only?) and dates.

Becoming a member of a group is a good way to be part of a movement or cause that you care about. Joining may give you access to special events that would otherwise be blocked or invisible from the general population.

By default, every group will have a button to become a member or join the group. This button is displayed below the title of the group’s name. If you are have joined or have become a member, this button would not appear but be replaced with the words “Member.”

When becoming a member, depending on the membership requirements set, you may join immediately or be requested to fill out fields (essentially an application). In the latter case, you are not a member until the admin or organizer approves your application.