Finding volunteer opportunities and managing your service-learning courses is as easy as visiting BamaPulse! The University of Alabama partnered with community engagement platform GivePulse to launch BamaPulse over the summer of 2019! 

BamaPulse is a user-friendly website that streamlines volunteer and community engagement opportunities and allows you to record your volunteer service hours and impacts. 

Through BamaPulse you can easily: search for local nonprofits and on-campus service-based groups and organizations, register for community service and volunteerism events, manage your service-learning courses, and track your service hours and impacts.

10 Steps to Success:

  1. Go to your web browser and type in
  2. Click the “Single Sign-On” box 
  3. Find the University of Alabama on the drop-down menu
  4. Use your MyBama credentials to log in
  5. Browse service-based organizations and groups to join 
  6. Search and register for community service and volunteerism events
  7. Manage your service-learning and community engagement courses and volunteerism
  8. Record your impacts (community engagement)
  9. Share your impact with your group or class
  10. Export your impacts to view your service transcript


For further assistance, feel free to contact Center for Service and Leadership Coordinator of Outreach Ashley Clark at