The Center for Service and Leadership (CSL) strives to enhance the student experience through active and diverse engagement opportunities in the community. These meaningful and experiential learning opportunities provide students the ability to enhance their leadership skills while becoming active, global citizens. We are built upon the foundation that service is transformational for both individuals and communities.

Our Vision

The vision is to cultivate a culture that produces committed and engaged citizens that understand their leadership potential in creating a better society. Our programming is based on four categories based on the active citizen’s model.

The components of the Center are: Awareness, Preparedness, Experience, and Commitment.

Our Goals

  • Increase students’ understanding of local, national, and global social issues
  • Increase students’ awareness of personal leadership and civic responsibility based in the Social Change Model
  • Increase awareness of the CSL and its core functions and programs
  • Increase students’ exposure to and awareness of diverse populations.
  • Assist students in articulating their personal leadership and service philosophy and give opportunities for practical experience
Meaningful Service + Engaged Leadership = Measurable Change