Our purpose is to organize weekly service opportunities that appeal to a wide range of students and meet a variety of needs in the Tuscaloosa community.

The Serving Bama team aims to provide 8-10 service opportunities per week.  Sign up to serve with us today!

Transferable Skills

Servant leadership; time management; adaptability; and camaraderie among peers.

Identifying your transferable skills and understanding their value to employers will increase your effectiveness in the job search.


  • Chloe Keck – Team Leader
  • Allison Polinski
  • Alyssa McAtee
  • Anne Diemer
  • Brooklyn Pfanstiel
  • Caroline Ward
  • Charley Diemer
  • Corinne Baroni
  • Danika Duffalo
  • Eli Feldstein
  • Elisabeth Pettibone
  • Grace Langston
  • Hannah Hartman
  • Julianna Lorenzo
  • Kevin Hascher
  • Rowan Batts
  • Spencer Favor
  • Tarraina Turner

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