Our purpose is to organize weekly service opportunities that appeal to a wide range of students and meet a variety of needs in the Tuscaloosa community.

The Serving Bama team aims to provide 8-10 service opportunities per week. Transportation is provided from the Ferguson Center for projects that are not located on campus.  Learn more about service opportunities. Service opportunities will resume in Fall 2020.

Transferable Skills

Servant leadership; time management; adaptability; and camaraderie among peers.

Identifying your transferable skills and understanding their value to employers will increase your effectiveness in the job search.


  • Chloe Keck – Team Leader
  • Allison Polinski
  • Allysa Rapadas
  • Alyssa McAtee
  • Amanda Dorris
  • Anne Diemer
  • Brooklyn Pfanstiel
  • Caroline Krieger
  • Caroline Ward
  • Charley Diemer
  • Christine Thompson
  • Corinne Baroni
  • Danika Duffalo
  • Eli Feldstein
  • Elisabeth Pettibone
  • Elizabeth Batts
  • Emma Price
  • Grace Langston
  • Hannah Hartman
  • Julianna Lorenzo
  • Keelin McGuinness
  • Kevin Hascher
  • Niles Bernabe
  • Spencer Favor
  • Tarraina Turner

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