Each year, over 1,000 university students volunteer as mentors to help mentees with completing homework, reinforcing reading and math skills, and participating in enrichment and recreational activities.  Al’s Pals mentors commit one afternoon weekly from 2:45 p.m. – 5 p.m. for 10 weeks during the semester to serve elementary students in 1st through 5th grades at local school sites. It’s a great way to get involved and meet fellow students while making a difference in children’s lives.

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Are you a mentor or student leader? Please review the Al’s Pals Member Manual

How to Participate

Sign up

New Mentors: Spring 2018 interview sign-ups are now closed.  If you are interested in mentoring for the Fall 2018 semester, please check back on this site toward the end of this semester.  The Al’s Pals office is located in the Center for Service and Leadership, 1100 Ferguson Center, to the right of the Supe Store.

Returning Mentors:  Fall2018 renewal applications will open soon!


All interviews take place in the Ferguson Center, first floor, within the Center for Service and Leadership.

Background Check

Have an up-to-date background check. Options for a background check are:
Email us a copy of your current completed background check from
previous employment or volunteer activity. It must include a national search and be less than one year old.
Use Risk Mitigation: This is through the university and costs $23.
If you have website errors, please contact info@riskmitigation.us


Complete the orientation and training module.

Transferable Skills

By taking part in Al’s Pals, student volunteers learn about their civic responsibility to the community, gain conflict management and resolution skills, and refine decision making skills.

Identifying your transferable skills and understanding their value to employers will increase your effectiveness in the job search.



  • Lynette Campos, M.Ed, Coordinator, Al’s Pals
  • Kenneth Westerfield, Graduate Student Assistant: Englewood Elementary
  • Hudson Kelley, Graduate Student Assistant: Maxwell Elementary and Central Elementary
  • Alice Deters, Graduate Student Assistant:  Benjamin Barnes YMCA and Matthews Elementary
  • Katie McCauley, Team Leader:  Emails and member placements at all sites

Assistant Team Leaders

  • Abby Jacobson, Matthews Elementary – Backgrounds and orientation
  • Bria Calhoun, Maxwell Elementary – Backgrounds and orientation
  • Casey Campos, Central Elementary – Morale, special events
  • Jasmine Blair, Barnes YMCA – Fundraising, grants, and donations
  • Katie McCauley, Matthews Elementary – Emails and carpools
  • Khiante Falls, Central Elementary – Carpools
  • Lauren Feinstein, Englewood Elementary – Recruitment
  • Leslie Barton – auxiliary
  • Lexi Lewis, Barnes YMCA – Fundraising, grant and donations
  • Marco Santana, Central Elementary – Morale, social media, special events
  • Paul Roth, Maxwell Elementary – Morale, special events
  • Savanah Hiers – Englewood Elementary – Recruitment

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