Beat Auburn Beat Hunger (BABH) is an annual student run event that was created by the Center for Service and Leadership (CSL) and the West Alabama Food Bank in 1994. During the seven weeks leading up to the Iron Bowl, the BABH food drive unites University of Alabama students, faculty, staff, alumni, and Tuscaloosa and Northport community members to help “fight” hunger and poverty in West Alabama.

In competition with Auburn University and the Food Bank of East Alabama, BABH challenges both institutions to collect the most non-perishable food to help those who suffer from food insecurity. This good-natured competition has made an impact that reaches far beyond the campuses where it began. Since its inception, Alabama and Auburn have combined to raise approximately 5.1 million pounds of food for Alabamians.

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Calendar of events

Check back closer to the start of our event to see where we will be going to end hunger!

Transferable Skills

By taking an active role in Beat Auburn Beat Hunger, students are exposed to diverse populations; discover fundraising best practices; plan various events; and are educated about the plight of those living in food insecure conditions.

Identifying your transferable skills and understanding their value to employers will increase your effectiveness in the job search.


  • Courtney Charland – Executive Team Leader
  • Alexis Mathieu – Special Events
  • Kourtney Wadkins – Food Bank Logistics
  • Kristen Chambliss – Community Partners
  • Madison Green – Communications
  • Madison Redmill – Finance
  • Sarah Cole – Food Bank Logistics
  • Sarah Quick – Campus Partners
  • Taylor Ragan – Administration