Bama Year One 2016

Bama Year One, service and leadership small groups provide first-year and transfer students the opportunity to learn from current student leaders and discuss important leadership topics in a relaxed environment, and engage in the community through service together. Small groups of 15-20 students will be placed with an upperclassmen student leader team who have experience serving in various roles and campus organizations. These small group leaders will serve as a mentor and guide to their group throughout their first year at the Capstone. Groups will meet 8 times in the Fall semester and 5 times in the Spring semester. Each group will be filled on a first come, first served basis and students may select the group, day, and time that best fits their schedule.

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Meet Our Mentors

Lauren Johnson

Khloe Starling

John Gibson   Kendal Aldridge  Megan Ware  Ethan McVay  Ethan Floyd

Asha Fuller

Alex Kagan  Meghan Flynn  Rian Tyler  Robin Blocksom  Morganne Johnston

Rolanda Turner  Taylor Noah