The University of Alabama’s Center for Service and Leadership believes that an important part of leadership is learning to serve others. We utilize the Social Change Model to explain how becoming involved as a leader can shape your service experience, and world view, for years to come.

Conceptual Framework of Leadership

When one finds internal passion and is willing ot make a purposeful investment in it.
When one identifies personal values, beliefs, and attitudes and acts consistent with these.
Consciousness of Self
When one becomes aware of personal beliefs, values, and privileges and how they affect their interactions with otherss
Controversy with Civility
When teams create a safe environment where differing perspectives and opinions are encouraged, respected, and utilized to create solutions.
A team that values the skills, tales, perspectives, and identities of its members to generate creative solutions.
Common Purpose
When teams work together with a shared set of aims and values toward a common vision.
When one becomes responsibly connected to their greater community through active engagement