The Center for Service and Leadership’s annual Sleep Out promotes awareness of hunger and homelessness while urging participants to take action. This annual event allows students to experience one night in the life of a homeless person to raise awareness for the homeless population. Students rely on using the bare minimal materials to sleep on the promenade, to help understand the experience a homeless individual faces each day. This year, UA students will make blankets, listen to speakers, watch a movie and participate in other activities to help gain a better understanding of homelessness.

In 2015 and 2016, over 490 UA students, faculty, and staff participated throughout the event. On a dark soccer field, participants watched Not My Life on a big screen, played trivia, experienced interactive poverty simulations, and listened to different speakers speak about human trafficking and how victims are disproportionately affect by homelessness, as well as listened to a classmate’s story of their experiences with homelessness.