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    University of Alabama Dance Marathon

    UADM is more than just a campus organization. It is a student run philanthropy that raises money for Children’s of Alabama hospital. We unite the Tuscaloosa and Birmingham communities to raise funds for the kids at Children’s. Without the support and help from team members, committee members, friends and families, we wouldn’t be able to provide the funding Children’s so desperately needs, where life-saving treatments are offered to patients, no matter the family’s ability to pay for their child’s healthcare.

    University of Alabama Dance Marathon Logo

    UADM Logo

    Beyond that, with more than 37,000 people in the UA community, we understand that it can be hard to find your niche; that’s why we seek to help students find their place on campus. Whether it be meeting a new group of friends on a committee, coming to events and having the time of your life, making memories and creating traditions, UADM isn’t just about helping families, it’s about creating your own family of friends in college.  


    2016 donations total:

    $211342.16 was raised by UADM in 2016 for Children's of Alabama Hospital

    2016 UADM Total


    2017 Goal:

    UADM aims to raise $300,000 this year for Children's of Alabama

    2017 UADM Goal

    Transferable Skills

    Through participation in UADM, our volunteers gain exposure to diverse populations; take part in event planning; & utilize critical thinking skills.


    University of Alabama students can participate in UADM in multiple ways. An immediate way is as a Miracle Maker. Miracle Makers are the most important part of UADM. To become a Miracle Maker, you simply have to register for our Main Event and start fundraising! Being a Miracle Maker means making a year-long commitment to support UADM through fundraising, coming to our events like Spirit Nights throughout the year, and getting your friends involved in making a different FTK (For The Kids). What are you waiting for, get involved today!


    Website: UADM Website


    Social Media:


    This serves as an intro to the team itself.  Maybe explain details about becoming part of the leadership team.  Offer a thanks to their hard work?  I would mention the advisors here, let them take less of an emphasis from the leadership.

    • Sarah Urbanski – Team Leader
    • Ashley Rich – Recruitment, Student Involvement, & Event Planning
    • Cavi Drake – Financial Tracking, Miracle Maker Relations, Fundraising
    • Jack Ebersold – Membership Development, Morale, Main Event Operations
    • Kaitlyn Haefer – Community Relations, Corporate Partnerships
    • Sonny Franks – Public Relations, Marketing