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    Bettering Bama

    Bettering Bama exists to provide service in the health and wellness field around the Tuscaloosa area, while providing Pre-Med students opportunities to further their experiences.

    We also work to bring awareness to issues like mental health. If you are interested in serving with the Bettering Bama team, please fill out our form.

    Bettering Bama Logo

    Bettering Bama logo


    Transferable Skills: By taking part in Bettering Bama produced service events, students hone self-motivation; develop/maintain interpersonal skills; & gain self-efficacy.


    Projects during Spring 2017

    The VA Medical Hospital

    We are working as caring companions with the VA’s frequent falling patients where you will develop relationships with those patients as well as have opportunities to expand into shadowing and other medical opportunities.
    Turning Point
    A local domestic violence shelter where we will act as medical advocates, answer the crisis hotline and provide childcare services amongst other activities.
    Focus First
    Vision screenings of local elementary aged students. Learn more about how this program helps children all over the south!

    Team Leader:

    • Lauren Mathews

    Assistant Team Leaders:

    • Maggie Selesky – Administration
    • Kenya Donovan – Tuscaloosa Veteran’s Hospital, Capstone Village
    • Drew Rice –Focus FirstSight Savers
    • Tomisha Hicks – West Alabama Aids Outreach, Turning Point Services
    • Mikenzi Brasfield – Well BamaFocus First
    • Taja Dotson