Chair Positions for Beyond Bama 2019-2020 Team

Financial Operations:

●  Creating and execute University approved fundraising events

●  Establishing a detailed and economically feasible budget for each trip in collaboration

with respective Trip Leader

●  Acting as a liaison for Financial Affairs to ensure timely trip payments amongst

participants (required weekly meeting with Financial Affairs for payment updates for

participants on trips)

●  Educating Trip Leaders and other Chairs on financial opportunities for participants to

fund trips

  • Scholarships
  • Donation letters

●  Assisting in coordinating the Amazon drive for donations for specific trips

●  Reaching out to other sources (ex: dentist’s office, hospitals, etc.) to obtain donations for

international trip

●  Searching for and organizing scholarships for trips

●  Verifying that all invoices from community partners have been received and uploaded to

the financial operations folder

Marketing and Outreach:

●  Creating social media posts on all social media platforms including, but not limited to:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

●  Maintaining an email list and sending out regular emails giving updates about trip application deadlines, costs, etc.

●  Building Beyond Bama Alumni database and maintaining social media presence within the database

●  Creating presentations, flyers, and handouts for classroom presentations to be carried out by Trip Leaders

●  Creating graphics to be used for various purposes including but not limited to merchandise, social media, and handouts

●  Working with various newsletters, publications, and organizations on campus to further the Beyond Bama brand

●  Coordinating with Team Leaders for events such as Get On Board Day and other tabling events

●  Communicating with individual colleges within the University to expand student outreach

Logistical Operations:

●  Assisting Trip Leaders in all aspects of domestic and international trip planning and execution

●  Assisting Trip Leaders in coordination with respective Chairs with logistics, including, but not limited to:

  •  Coordinating with community partners
  • Participant recruitm​ent
  • Coordinating travel arrangements (buses, vans, planes, etc.)

●  Helping to maintain binders with copies of IDs, Insurance, Passports (if necessary), Participant Information Sheet, Statement of Behavioral Responsibility, Legal Documentation, and any other applicable forms

●  Collaborating with other Chairs and Team Leaders to ensure success of each trip

●  Ensuring all trip documentation is uploaded to the Google Drive

●  Assisting Trip Leaders with the creation of all trip applications on qualtrics for domestic

and international trips

Team Development:

●  Assisting in keeping morale high within Beyond

●  Coordinating team-building events to grow the interpersonal relationships of the group

●  Reminding members of CSL-wide events and recording attendance of all Beyond Bama

Assistant Team Leaders afterwards

●  Training Trip Leaders to lead reflections

●  Training Trip Leaders to effectively communicate with trip participants

●  Distributing electronic post-trip surveys to Trip Leaders, participants, and chaperones

●  Establishing specific curriculum educating Trip Leaders (and therefore trip participants)

on specific social issues that will arise in specific trips (ex. Food insecurity, domestic

violence, ability status, etc.)

●  Educating members about professional email and phone etiquette

Community Partner Relations:

●  Assisting in finding new community partners for trips

●  Aiding in finding potential lodging for trips where housing is not already confirmed

●  Ensuring professional communication with current established community partners

●  Sending thank you letters to community partners after trips

●  Ensuring follow-ups with community partners

●  Working with Trip Leaders to create informational presentations about the communities

and our respective partners to ensure that all Trip Leaders and participants are

knowledgeable about other trips

●  Creating and distributing surveys to community partners to better future trips and

strengthen relationships with the community partners